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Speaker One: Shortstop Deli is widely recognized here in the Ithaca community as a convenient, quality sub shop. After having grown and developed over the last 30 years, Shortstop Deli intends to expand further. Our objective is to expand Shortstop Deli to a new Collegetown location by the fall of 2009 so that Cornell students are successfully reached and their business results in a 15% increase in Shortstop Deli’s profits during the 2009- 2010 academic year. During this expansion, Shortstop Deli will maintain its brand footprint, which includes high quality and customer satisfaction core values, and a fun, fresh personality. Speaker Two: When Shortstop Deli expands, it will place an emphasis on the four P’s of the marketing mix. Firstly, it is necessary to establish a quality product. In terms of the expansion, the product will be the new layout and design of the Collegetown store. The new store will include seating for customers, televisions with sporting events playing, popular music,
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