exIII-2&ans - GENETICS 310 Practice EXAM III-2 I...

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GENETICS 310 Practice EXAM III-2 I. Fill in the missing bases in the following 6 base-pair restriction endonuclease cut sites: 1) A C T A G T 2) G A A T T C T G.A T C A C T T A A G (top strand left to right -bottom right to left) 2) Shotgun clones can be made using only 2 types of enzymes. What are they? restriction endonuclease and DNA ligase 3) With regard to the preparation of cDNA clones: a) Name two enzymes needed to make double stranded cDNA reverse transcriptase, RNAase H, DNA polymerase b) Why is making cDNA easier starting with eukaryotes than prokaryotes? the poly-A tails permit isolation of mRNA and provide a template for reverse transcriptase using oliggo d- T c) What advantage do cDNA clones have over shotgun clones? They have no introns so the protein coded can be made correctly in bacteria 4) In regard to plasmid vectors: a) What is the function of the "ori" region? orgin of replication for multiple copies/cell b) What is the value of a gene for ampicillin resistance? serves as a selectable marker so that only host cell that contain a plasmid can survive c) What advantage comes from placing a multiple cloning site in the beginning of the lacZ gene? permits the insertion of donor DNA cut using several different restriction
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exIII-2&ans - GENETICS 310 Practice EXAM III-2 I...

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