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311 Operations Management Fall 2007 Name________________________ Section_______________________ Quiz # 1 Process - SOLUTIONS 1. Suppose the data in the Kristine Cookies case remains the same but there is only one change: the mixing activity now takes only 10 minutes instead of 6. You may assume that there is a single oven and orders are baked one dozen at a time. Also assume no activities are performed in parallel, so that your roommate accepts payment for the order at the end of the process, as originally discussed in class. In this case: a. Which resource is now the bottleneck assuming a sequence of one-batch orders? (20 points) You or Kristine b. What is now the throughput time for one batch orders? (20 points) 10 (mixing) + 2 (loading) + 1 + 9 (set oven and bake) + 5 (cooling) + 2 (packing) + 1
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Unformatted text preview: (accepting payment) = 30 minutes c. What is the hourly capacity? (20 points) 60/12=5 dozen/hour, or 60 cookies/hour. (You get partial credit if you have the following answers: 60/10=6 dozen/hour, 15pts (60-30)/12+1=3.5 dozen/hour, 10 pts (60-30)/10+1=4 dozen/hour, 5 pts) 2. News reported that the inventory of unsold new homes rose to 10-months supply. If the annual demand for new homes is 960,000 units. How many unsold home are available? (40 points) Throughput rate = 960,000 units/year = 80,000 units/month (10pts) Little’s Law: WIP = Throughput time * Throughput rate (10pts) No credit for Little’s Law: Throughput time = WIP / Throughput rate WIP = Throughput time * Throughput rate = 10 * 80,000 = 800,000 units (20pts)...
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