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Glossary of Unexplained Terms for Drugs and Democracy in Rio de Janeiro AM = Associacao de Moradores = Resident’s Association Political life in the city is based around block association. If you’re the block leader of a city, you negotiate with the city to fix this or that. In return for you having clout, you tell the people who to vote for. Traditionally, you’re not often up for sale. The gangs also have significant political control in the city and are also important in the elections. 4 different police forces in Brazil PM= Policia Militar- branch of the military; larger and much more active in policing
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Unformatted text preview: Because it’s under federal and not civil control, they can be more brutal, and they are. The civilians hate them. 0 mutual cooperation between these guys and the civilian authorities. PO= Policia Civil- civilian authority Delegacia= city police Policia Federal= drug police CV= Comando Vermelho= Red Command One of the biggest gangs in Brazil TC= Terciero Commando (Third Command) Archrival of CV PT= Partido Trabalhadores= The Labor Party...
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