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Mexico City's history with severe weather is not particularly exciting. The city has seasonal tendencies as rainfall accumulations tend to become higher during the mid winter months. The primary problems associated with severe weather are hailstorms. The city annually deals with five to six hailstorms annually. There have not been any individually significant events associated with hail, but the regularity of hailstorms is very reliable as historically the number of storms per year has remained close to constant. Fortunately, Mexico City does not deal with too many tornadoes, as it is located on the Mexican Plateau region of the country. Areas in the lowlands (non-plateau areas) however, are not as fortunate. It is no surprise that as the largest city in the world, Mexico City has
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Unformatted text preview: some logistical issues with protecting against hailstorms; which is their primary severe weather concern. Parking is not readily available, and there are oftentimes a multitude of open markets that are dangerously susceptible to hail. There are also severe congestion issues which stem from a lack of law enforcement and adherence to traffic laws. Our recommendation for the city would be for them to install more covered parking and outdoor shelters. Also, it is important for traffic laws to be enforced; otherwise the congestion that exists today will never subside and will result in extensive property damage in the event of severe weather....
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