Lecture November 6 - Lecture November 6, 2008 Michael...

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Lecture November 6, 2008 Michael Moore’s Sicko o What we missed: France- can send an employee to help new parents with home Government helps the people when a baby is born People abandoned on street- these are weakest in society Fire men in 9/11 – aren’t being covered for health insurance Takes all those people to Cuba and they are all treated and all the drugs are free etc. o Arguments: Show by personal stories to shed away idea that socialized medicine is not the same as universal medicine and how it can be beneficial Doesn’t address taxes in video Golfers answer is that its solidarity, it’s a basic human right -> healthcare o Take care of each other Why should market be good about health care? Nixon said that companies are for profit (not charity) Private: lassiez faire economy bring down prices and bring up economy because of equilibrium Should bring health costs down o So the companies would save money and the government could provide health services at lower prices Most examples were from middle class and downwards For the universal system the bigger the population the better because you share prices We already have other socialized programs in existence Talks about insured more than uninsured who are supposed to be covered Horror stories typical? If trying to be politically successful focus on people with insurance because the uninsured will obviously want socialized insurance because its more than what they have
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There are: Uninsured, people who have coverage but often denied and people who want to buy insurance but were denied coverage In for profit system to make profit they have to make sure to chose people how are more likely to get sick and have expensive illnesses o Too fat, too thin, etc Insurance companies play the odds but if u know the people that will get
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Lecture November 6 - Lecture November 6, 2008 Michael...

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