Lecture November 20 - Lecture November 20, 2008 10 true...

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Lecture November 20, 2008 10 true false, 5 to 10 short answer, 1 to 2 essays (no graph, more essay questions) Most on readings Tuesday before = review session Changing media o News media forms change over time Changing carrying capacity From 15 min news shoes to 60 min to 24 hr news channels o Competition and audience segmentation o Internet and decline of print and TV news o Advertising and affluent as targets Need things that are prescheduled Having a few issues that you could pull out in press releases is crucial in the news Big change in terms of the news has been the advent of online news Case study: 1986 Drug crime wave o Orcutt and Turner “Shocking numbers and graphic accounts” o 1986 drug crisis From 1% of media specie to 5% Horror story: death of Len Bias due to cocaine Len bias was the number 2 nba draft that year Basketball star who died over an overdose of cocaine Happened only 2 weeks after draft
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Newsweek cover story Use of shocking numbers and graphs Exaggerate non-significant changes Other media followed to cover the epidemic Beyond news media: fiction and social problems o Popular culture can be as important as news shows Comedy show (Leno, Colbert and Daily show) Reality shows Oprah and other shows TV dramas Movies Music Other art forms Movie: about the measure of poverty o New model vs. old model that doesn’t account for transportation and counts food more than housing o Political show with political content as entertainment o They were have perspective and jokes o All of this is the construction of social problems and how we view social
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Lecture November 20 - Lecture November 20, 2008 10 true...

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