Lecture October 9th

Lecture October 9th - Lecture October 9th 2008 Dsoc 2070...

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Lecture October 9 th , 2008 Dsoc 2070: Crime, crime trends and crime statistics a. What ever happened to crime a. “What ever happened to crime? As a nation, we're not talking a lot about it these days. Law enforcement and criminal policy has largely been shuffled off to the states and cities. News media coverage has fallen mostly to metro sections and local newscasts. Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama has given the issue much airtime on the campaign trail, in sharp contrast to previous cycles.” Wall Street Journal 10/2/08 b. What is crime a. A human act that violates criminal law b. Properties: i. Act or omission. Something has to be done (wishing not enough ii. Done intentionally and voluntarily iii. Mens rea (evil or guilty mind) iv. Act must cause some harm c. Types of crime a. Violent crime verse property crime i. Violent crime is willful homicide, forcible rape, robbery, and aggravated assault, uses a violent weapon ii. Property crime is a category of crime that includes burglary, larceny, theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, shoplifting, and vandalism b. Victimless crime i. Prostitution ii. Drugs
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c. Organized crime- are groups or operations run by criminals, most commonly for the purpose of generating a monetary profit d. Political crime (terrorism) i. Corruption e. Difficult to classify i. Graffiti d. Plan a. Crime trends b. Crime statistics i. Strengths and problems c. Explaining crime trends d. Sociological theories of crime (next week) e. Victimization survery 1973- 2002 a. Violent victimization per 1000 population age 12 or over decreased b. Property victimization per 1000 households decreased drastically (more than violent crimes) f. UCR rates of other violent crime and homicide 1958- 2000
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Lecture October 9th - Lecture October 9th 2008 Dsoc 2070...

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