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Lecture october 23 - Lecture DSoc 207 Sociological theories...

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Lecture: DSoc 207 October 23, 2008 Sociological theories of crime All have policy education within them! o Social learning theory (Sutherland) A learned behavior as opposed to being determined by birth Geographic factor Key conflict: an acquired trait they learn he sees this as a conflict within culture criminal culture vs. mainstream culture people who are closer to a criminal culture are more likely to be criminals learn to see a crime a certain way Policy: keep people in mainstream society and so they have less time to participate in criminal activity. .after school programs o Strain theory (Merton) American dream is this ideal that a high material success He does away with conflict Culture itself Create frustration of American dream promising everything but for most its impossible to achieve and this is the source of the criminal Innovation in some way Problems with this: doesn’t explain murder and certain types of crime
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Policy: main source of activity is strain between reality and the idea so welfare policy for the American dream to become a bit more accessible to everyone It’s not enough for people to have basic needs. .. American dream is to have nice things (extravagant) o Control Theory (Hirshl) Changed the question by saying why do people not commit crimes? The key factor is social ties- Statements focus on marriage etc. that constrain criminal behavior Policy: advocate marriage, full time job, get people to do community service even if they don’t have a full time job, after school clubs etc. o Routine activity theory (Felson) Convergence between perpetrator and criminal and a lack of someone telling them not to Have to converge and its not easy Can explain rise and fall by focusing on what has happened to the
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Lecture october 23 - Lecture DSoc 207 Sociological theories...

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