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Lecture of November 18

Lecture of November 18 - Lecture of Soc 2070 Assignment...

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Lecture of November 18, 2008 Soc 2070 Assignment Clarifications: o Due on Thursday in class o Double space o No need to cite sources on Q1 o Try to convince a journalist who doesn’t know anything about the topic at hand o Focus is on describing the problem Grounds: assertion of facts. Argues a condition that exists and offers evidence Choose the examples to try to appeal to your audience Warrant: economic cost, health concern? Do not focus on literature review Have to make a good argument Do not give pros and cons Do not focus on the costs for society Don’t give all details like war on drugs etc. 1980 like how we got here Social movement theories: opportunity structures o Timing matters. Always multiple obstacles, but at certain junctions they cold be diminished o Cultural opportunity structures: when people are willing to listen to a movement’s claim Event sensitizes: 9/11 and terrorism or natural disasters and poverty Master frame becomes familiar (civil rights, medializaiton) At any point in time you have a certain political association o Political opportunity structure Shifting priorities and governing parties
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International junctures and events Alliances within the US Juncture changes power structure I terms of issues and what can get to the agenda There are limits of attention If there are already very intense issues out there on the agenda it is difficult to bring in a new issue Example: economic crisis o Auto industry lost powerful lobby Opposition to a movement becomes weaker Limits on public attention Master frames are active, at peoples finger tips, easier to write about Example) medical, because its easy to target (already have the frame. . easier to get topics out) Frames change Ownership o Activists who are very successful can gain ownership of a social problem o Ownership takes place when a particular frame becomes seen as the best way to understand an issue o It is the owner who are asked by the reporters
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Lecture of November 18 - Lecture of Soc 2070 Assignment...

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