December 2 Final Review

December 2 Final Review - December 2 2008 Soc 2070 Review...

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December 2, 2008 Soc 2070: Review for 2 nd midterm Office hours Wednesday 3-5 , he will be in his office 2:30 to Hand back assignments today- hold off a week to complain about your grade Topics Demography and the ageing of societies Crime and theories of crime Drugs and drug policies Social and political consequences Etc. Demography: Key terms o Crude birth rate: annual number of live births per 1000 o General fertility rate: annual number of live births per 1000 women childbearing age (usually 15 to 45) o Total fertility rate: the number of live births per woman o Magic number of 2.1 for fertility rate, it’s the replacement rate (society wants to stay constant. . if above, population will go up, if below population will go down) o Crude death rate (mortality rate): o Infant mortality rate: o Life expectancy: Demographic transition o First DT: decline in fertility rates and increase in life expectancy an decrease in mortality rate Some increase in life expectancy Not as many babies or children will die o Second DT: increase in population but in terms of birth rates and death rates … there is a further decline in fertility and declines in mortality (fewer enter but also fewer die) Marrying and child rearing later or not at all Divorce and single motherhood Feminism New birth control techniques
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Changes in labor markets, women in the labor force and education Changes in welfare policies o Big black cloud: baby boomers and the aging of the US Once they retire the generation before is not as large, less working people to support this huge amount of old people o Social security and pension system Prices of social security (most estimates were for the financial crisis and once it runs out it wll only have 70% of benefits) o Health cre cos Healthcare costs (as people get older they have more health care costs, more expensive costs- much more strain for medical research. Rising social problem) Crime o Types and trends Statistics, how do we know what types of crimes, how large the crime o FBI UCR and Victimization survey Be able to describe these two and their problems (short answer) FBI UCR Good for: scaring the general public, crime rates have gone down though so not as scar as they used to be o FBI aggregates all the police reports and collect statistics o Very good at looking at high value property crimes If property has high worth the insurance has to pay them o Interpersonal violence (people you don’t know) o Murders (most murders get to the FBI) Bad for: crimes for people you know, domestic violence, rape , sexual abuse these things are not very good at detecting o White collar crime (extremely difficult to detect) o Victimless crime (prostitution, drugs) People who are involved don’t see it as a crime (difficult to detect and so we have seen a constant encroachment of civil liberties. . need some sort of inside) o Crimes against institutions (pollution)
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December 2 Final Review - December 2 2008 Soc 2070 Review...

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