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Socrates discussion - Brendon M Bleier Dialogue 2 Weber on...

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Brendon M Bleier Politics 213 Dialogue 2 Due 4/8/08 Weber on Socrates’ classification as a ‘Gadfly’ This was perhaps one of the most challenging assignments in my college career. I don’t mean in the contemporary sense of difficult, as in ‘not easy to accomplish,’ but in the way that it took hours of going back and forth between the two main arguments here: Would Weber consider Socrates a ‘gadfly,’ or its opposite? For on the one side, Socrates DID have an overwhelming sense of responsibility. He lived in poverty, and even in the face of death did not sway from his beliefs that he was doing the right thing, and that it was his responsibility to do so. A man who believes that dying for his cause is his responsibility is certainly not lacking that quality. He would not have considered himself a martyr, but in the contemporary definition he certainly was. In the end, however, I concluded that Weber would, according to my interpretation, consider Socrates a gadfly. Weber had three main qualifications as to what would do justice to the power given to a politician, which Socrates certainly was. I don’t think he would have considered himself one, however, as he never sought public office or looked to change public policy, which he makes a point of in Plato’s The Apology . The three qualities Weber points out are judgment, a sense of responsibility, and passion. Weber seems, to me at least, to be a pragmatist. He maintains his position that the best way to approach things is using common sense and logic, as opposed to assuming that the idealistic
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Socrates discussion - Brendon M Bleier Dialogue 2 Weber on...

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