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Important_topics_for_exam - ii Key issues in oxidation d...

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Important topics and ideas I. General semiconductor and devices physics a. Understanding of semiconductor properties i. Band representation ii. Conductivity 1. Measurement of conductivity 2. Measurement of doping iii. Electron transport b. Understanding of MOS structure i. I-V characteristics ii. Capacitance iii. Effect of deep traps II. Process flow in fabrication of MOS transistor (Lab) III. Defects in semiconductors a. Physical description of point defects b. Representation as energy levels i. Occupancy statistics 1. Capture 2. emission c. Measurement of deep levels by capacitance techniques IV. Oxidation a. Properties of SiO2 b. Effect of charges in the oxide on flat band voltage c. Deal Grove Model of Oxidation i. How to design a process for oxidation of Si
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Unformatted text preview: ii. Key issues in oxidation d. Role of defects in oxidation V. Diffusion a. Diffusion from an infinite source b. Diffusion from a finite source c. Design of a diffusion process d. Role of defects in diffusion VI. Ion implantation a. Basics of Ion Implantation process b. Ion implantation annealing c. Role of defects in annealing d. Design of ion implantation process VII. Lithography a. Understanding of lithography process i. Contact vs near contact ii. Diffraction issues iii. Standing wave issues b. Nature of photo resist process and potential issues c. Lift off process VIII. Etching a. Understanding of wet chemical etching (HF) b. Understanding of dry etching...
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