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Instructions for the Filmetrics Spectroscopic Reflectometer Film Thickness Measurement system. 1. Turn on the Measurement Unit: Flip on the toggle switch on the main unit, and wait 5 minutes for the lamp to warm up. 2. Start the Software: On the computer next to the unit, start the Filmeasure software 3. Define the Materials Used: Click on the edit structure button. Click on the appropriate bubble to choose the number of films present on top of your substrate (not counting the substrate) From the pull down menus that show up for each film, select the film material from the available list. In the boxes next to these pull down menus, enter the thickness for that film. There are two small boxes marked d and n next to the box for thickness, placing a check mark in these will make the software try to calculate the thickness (for d) or the index of refraction (for n) of that film. The software works best if you are only trying to find the thickness of one layer, and it is not that great at determining the index of refraction
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Filmetrics_operating_instructions - Instructions for the...

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