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Resist Application 1. Place your wafer on the spinner chuck. Assure that you are running program “2,” by pressing “recipe,” and then “2”. Make sure the wafer is centered. 2. Press the green switch on the foot pedal to start your wafer spinning. 3. Spray the spinning wafer with 5 seconds of acetone only. Without stopping the acetone spray, add a second spray of either methanol or IPA (doesn’t matter which) for another 5 seconds. Then stop the acetone, but continue the methanol or IPA spray for another 5 seconds. Finally, stop the methanol or IPA spray, and let the spin recipe complete to ensure that the wafer has been sufficiently dried. Don’t let the wafer dry out in between applications of the chemicals. 4. Dispense one pipette half-full of P-20 primer onto the (non spinning) wafer. Allow the primer to creep over the entire surface of the wafer, and then press the green foot pedal to initiate the spinning and allow it to go to completion. 5. Take another pipette and dispense one pipette full of S1813 resist onto the center of the wafer and IMEDIATELY press the green foot pedal to initiate the spin. Allow the spin to go to completion. 6. Once spin has completed, remove wafer from spinner chuck (with tweezers, holding it near the flat) and place on the 90 o C hotplate for 1 minute (use timer next to hotplate). If you wish, you may flip the vacuum switch to “on” to hold the wafer in place on the
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Resist_spinning__exposure__and_development - Resist...

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