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Lab # 8 Device Measurements II CV on Diodes and MOS Capacitors In this lab, you will continue testing the MOS capacitors and diodes on your wafer using the probe station and the LCR Analyzer. A total of 2 probes are required: the LCR signal lead, and the common ground probe connected to the LCR common lead. The first probe station has been rewired such that the yellow (signal) and green (common) probes are connected to the LCR meter. The LCR meter has a DC bias supply built-in (with a limit of 20 volts), and a variable frequency small ac test signal for determining the complex impedance of the device under test (DUT) at the selected frequency and a given DC bias. If a parallel device model is used, then the LCR Analyzer will produce a parallel capacitance and conductance at each DC bias (which is swept over an appropriate range of values). Lab Experiment 1. Select a field: Select one field for all your measurements – say, near the wafer's center. Record which field you are testing. It could be the same field tested in last week’s lab, but doesn’t have to be. 2. Junction diode measurement: Here we will probe and measure only one device D1. You need to calculate the area of D1, based on the implant dimension and the lateral diffusion which occurred post implant during the anneal. 3. Probe and measure the junction diode (D1). -- The model file is ECE536 CV. -- Go to one Setups/DUT - Device. a. Highlight CV. b. Set the appropriate bias range for the junction diode under the Va input block. Choose a range with 10 volts reverse bias to 0.3 volts forward bias. Get the polarity right the first time! c. Click the Model Variables tab. Input the device area in cm2.
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ECE_5360_Lab__9 - Lab # 8 Device Measurements II CV on...

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