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Format_for_Lab_reports - Include the critical dimensions of...

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Format for Lab reports-Version 1 This the format for your lab final report on which your lab grade will be based. 50% of the grade will be given for lab participation and the other 50% based on the accuracy style and readability of this report Abstract- Summary of procedure and major results not to exceed one paragraph I Experimental Procedure Describe the experimental procedure which was used in fabrication of your devices. Procedure should be described in word and figure. (see blackboard for example) Indicate the materials used techniques of etching and process steps. Comment on potential issues with the fabrication process. Include ion implantation and annealing conditions, etching conditions metal thickness, photoresist procedures, chemical cleaning steps etc.
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Unformatted text preview: Include the critical dimensions of the device structure. II. Results Report the results of your resistance measurements, TLM measurements and device measures. Since the results were dramatically different for the two lab days report measurements for both groups 1. Problem 2 Lab 1 2. Problems 1-12 lab 8 3. Problem s 1-4 lab 9 III. Discussion 1. Compare the behavior of the Wednesday and Friday devices with each other and with your predictions of performance 2. Discuss the possible reasons for there to be a variance between theory and experiment between predictions and the two experimental days Summary Summarize your results and make any comments about your experience with this laboratory and how it might be improved...
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Format_for_Lab_reports - Include the critical dimensions of...

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