JOUR 201 Midterm SG

JOUR 201 Midterm SG - Johannes Gutenberg o 1450 invented...

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Johannes Gutenberg o 1450 invented moveable type o Invention revolutionalized the spreading of information that changed political and social structures o Allowed the production of cheap literature and reproduction of documents o Printing materials became cheap enough to become accessible to the masses o Knowledge was available to the lower classes o Printing allowed accurate knowledge because it had little error o Printing eventually posed a threat to those in power o Pg 2 – bio of gutenberg Silence Dogood o The pseudonym of Benjamin Franklin which he used to submit letters to his brother’s paper The New England Courant o Wrote in the guise of a prudish widow of a country minister writing to the publisher o Wrote about manners, morals, womens dress and pride and hypocrisy of religion o So historically notable because they were among the first examples of a quintessential American genre of humor: the wry homespun mix of folksy tales and pointed observations Common sense – Thomas Paine o Came to the colonies shortly before the revolution started o Journalist o Pamphlets make it seem like common sense to overthrow the crown which is treating colonists like 2 nd class citizens o First published in January 1776 o Sells 150,000 copies o Brought together the diverse revolutionary activities and gave them a common aim: the establishment of American Independence o Said it was a folly for the self reliant American people to be ruled by an island monarchy The Boston Gazette o Started in 1764, took a very strong position against the monarchy, most radical publication of its time o Stamp Act began the process of the press advocating revolution (look up in book for more deets if needed) o Sam Adams wrote for Boston Gazette (bro of John Adams 2 nd prez) Wrote editorials of mistreatment by the british of colonial citizens One of the founders of the Sons of Liberty o Key revolutionary o Publishers Edes and Gill Alexis de Tocqueville o French political thinker best known for his Democracy in America o Democracy in America was published in 1835
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JOUR 201 Midterm SG - Johannes Gutenberg o 1450 invented...

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