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POSC Final Review Sheet (2)

POSC Final Review Sheet (2) - Review Sheet 1 Main problems...

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Review Sheet 1. Main problems the third world faces? a. Poverty: high infant mortality rates, people live of $1 a day, no medicine, malnutrition, no fresh water, rely on exports and there is very high debt b. Globalization: the role global forces play in shaping the third world. Idea of dependency described the situation in which the legal ties of colonialism gave way to informal mechanisms of economic control. Structural adjustment is the adoption of market economies in the third world, which is currently widening gaps between rich and poor c. Existence of weak states: many countries, government cannot maintain law and order or provide basic services throughout the country d. Ethnicity: conflict due to ethnicity, religion, race and language is prominent in the third world. Especially in Africa/Asia. Identities have become very important i. Ex Rwanda genocide e. Environment: poverty and population growth are a time bomb, threaten the carrying capacity of the land f. Common regimes of the third world: i. Democracies: India, and South Africa (sorta). ii. Single Party regimes: countries dominated by most powerful political party aftert the establishment of new power iii. Military Regimes: military coups take over the government and sees itself as having a dual role to protect the country from external threats and from civil unrest iv. Personal Dictatorships: Sadam Hussein (Iraq) g. Colonial past has influenced all 3 rd world countries in the treatment of the natives and the undermining of the established civilizations h. Western development has been entirely different 2. 3. Political Development and the major issues:
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a. Iran i. Outside intervention has been a fear of iran since its early dynastic developments ii. The constitutional revolution of 1905-1911 ended the traditional dynasties of iran. It promised the firming up of the legal status of islam, strengthening the state, insitututing economic reforms and iii. The Russians and british divided the country into two zones of influence iv. Iran’s oil has led to much controversy v. Reza khan established the last dynasty in iran. With the support of the british he ascended to power from the military. He took power in the name of nationalism and shiism vi. He focused on modernizing the country, prohibited women from wearing veils, and closed religious schools. vii.He also formed alliances internationally with the germans in WWI
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POSC Final Review Sheet (2) - Review Sheet 1 Main problems...

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