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Gender_socialization_02_17_09 - Come To A Capella Night...

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2/17/2009 1 DSOC 1101 February 18, 2009 Come To A Capella Night Live Buy your tickets now www.BaileyTickets.com $6 in advance $8 at the door Cornell Farmworker Program Summer Internship Program Would you like to be paid to work with the Cornell Farmworker Program while conducting research and educational outreach to address the needs of farmworkers in New York State? Internship research topics may include: Assessing farmworker needs Surveying immigration concerns and developing relevant Application instructions at extension materials Surveying farmworker services and their usage Providing workshops and on farm instruction in language, culture, and topics of interest to farmworkers (e.g., English as a second language, immigration, and farmworker health) Tutoring farmworker children Examining farmworker contributions to local communities Collaborating with Cornell Cooperative Extension on addressing farmworker needs Farmworker demographic research www.farmworkers.cornell.edu
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