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1 Socialization: The Micro-Sociological Transmission of Culture DSOC 1101: Introduction to Sociology February 16, 2009 Announcements Extra-credit #2 – Due in class on Wednesday, 2/18/09 Assignment #1 – Due Monday, 3/2/09 Culture Culture is the knowledge that members of a society share Culture not only constrains behaviors but also shapes of people think about and interpret their world Culture determines: Norms (folkways and mores) Values Social role definitions (role, status, hierarchy, expected behavior) Culture is socially constructed (the product of human intervention): Learned Emergent Internalized Culture helps to explain: Social arrangements Social problems Individual behavior
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2 Culture is also…. Temporal – the way of life and/or general customs and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular time. Material culture – physical objects that people have borrowed, discovered, or invented and to which they
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