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POSC Chapter 5 Outline - POSC Chapter 5 Outline France Over...

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POSC Chapter 5 Outline France Over 90% of population is catholic (no religious minority) Paris is the country’s cutltural political and communication core It has an official agency that determines which new words can be added to language History o There was an entity that could be defined as france by 1500 but power of the king was limited (esp beyond paris) o Revolution of 1789: cemented tradition of centralized government in Paris, it also overturned the monarchy and made political role of church a controversial issue o 19 th /20 th centuries, divied into anticlerical left (total sep of chuch/state) and proclerical right that believed the church should play a leading role in government o Revolution of 1789 – declaration of rights of man o Revolution of 1848 – extension of the vote to all men (1 st country to do so) Socialist Party o Supported the welfare state and European integration (so did MRF but couldn’t work together due to disagreement over church related issues Radicals o Liberal democrats, anticlerical, free market capitalism Gaullist: o Demanded strong leadership 4 th to 5 th Republic o The 4 th republic tuned out to be very similar to the 3 rd
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o A revolution in Algeria in 1954 turned out to the be the needed push to change to the 5 th republic o In 1958 politicians turned to De Gaulle to head off the issue, he agreed on the condition that he be given extraordinary powers (including the ability to revive the constitution) When de Gaulle left office in 1969, the 5 th republic had been put in place and it still continues to this day o In the beginning years there was protest, especially from sources of autogestion (participatory decentralized for of self managed socialism)
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POSC Chapter 5 Outline - POSC Chapter 5 Outline France Over...

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