Lecture 15- Exctinction, More than dinosaurs

Lecture 15- Exctinction, More than dinosaurs - Lecture 15...

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-An example of an extinct dinosaur: Guanlong wucaii , - A tyrannosaurid dinosaur was found in China in 2006, as a new species that had not yet been discovered. 3m long, late Jurassic. It had a combination of a primitive pelvis and advanced limbs - Its teeth said that it was carnivorous; it had a well developed cranial crest: “complex, fragile cranial crest formed by the dinosaur’s fused nasal bones”. - The crest is 1.5mm thick and runs from its nose to the back of its head. May have been used as an ornamental trait, or as a sexually dimorphic trait, or for species recognition. - Phylogenies show that Guanlong wucaii is the most primitive of tyrannosaurs, and that it is a distant relative of T-rex -From the Jurassic in Germany: Juravenator starki - < 1m long, closer to maniraptors than tyrannosaurs - No feathers, even though on a phylogeny, groups closely related to this animal have feathers - Evolutionary reason for it not having feathers? -Based on a dinosaur population biology graph, dinosaurs have a high juvenile survival, and an age-specific mortality, much like humans. Population biology graph very similar to humans, not alligators or birds; perhaps we may become extinct like the dinosaurs? Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? - Pollen? Flowering plants, dinosaurs allergic? - Constipation? Diet change from soft plants to woody trees - Climate Change? Too hot, too cold, wet, dry. .. - Catastrophic events? Meteorite? - At the end of the Cretaceous period, many animal species also went extinct - Competition? Other species competed for food, resources, shelter Or, they live on as birds! Ornitholestes
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Lecture 15- Exctinction, More than dinosaurs - Lecture 15...

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