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Lecture 39-Products from Plants

Lecture 39-Products from Plants - Lecture 39 Products from...

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Lecture 39- Products from Plants -Plants can be used for many purposes. Example: Salix candida , the hoary willow’s bark is scraped off and boiled, and the final product is taken for a cough. Key ingredient is Salicylic acid, an ingredient also in aspirin. Flavour and Aroma: Phenolic Compounds In coffee beans… In cloves… In cinnamon bark… In nutmeg… In ginger root… In orchid… In vanilla… In red and black peppers… In cannabis… Caffeine Nicotine -An alkaloid -Addictive -Not a New World plant -Gets into nervous -Addictive system, gives trouble with synapse Tobacco -Now can be used to manufacture products that are otherwise more expensive to produce Ginseng Ginseng quinqufolius -Stimulates the immune system -A plant uses ginsenosides to control fungus
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Alkaloids -Colourless, bitter organic bases -Mimic action of acetylcholine: bind with receptors. Receptors develop tolerance, so alkaloids (like nicotine) are addictive There are 3 kinds of synapse receptors (see lecture notes for diagrams)
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