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Unformatted text preview: 311 Operations Management Fall 2007 Homework 1: Process Analysis Due 9/4/2007 Solutions 1. (10 pts.) At a coffee shop, the cashier can serve 25 orders and the workers can prepare 30 orders in an hour. During a rush hour, 40 customers show up. What is the capacity of the coffee shop? And which resource is the bottleneck? Explain you answer. Since 25 < 30, the cashier is the bottleneck. The capacity is 25 customers per hour. The fact that 40 customers arrived is superfluous information. (10pts) 2. (30 pts.) A clothing company produces 5 types of shirts (A, B, C, D, and E). The final manufacturing steps in the shirt production process are to (a) attach a care label to every shirt, and (b) brand the company’s name on every shirt. The company has one machine for attaching care labels, and one machine for branding. For any shirt type, branding requires 5 minutes of procesing on the machine. Due to differences between shirt designs, attaching care labels requires the following shirt-dependent processing times:...
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Homework_1_ProcessAnalysis_Solutions - 311 Operations...

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