Lecture 41-Ecosystems

Lecture 41-Ecosystems - Lecture 41 Ecosystems Energy-The...

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Lecture 41- Ecosystems Energy -The key to understanding ecosystems; starts with oxygenic photosynthesis and aerobic respiration Biofilm -In a biofilm flow chamber, Acinetobacter ssp. and Pseudomonas putida grow with only benzyl alcohol as a carbon source. Both organisms are soil-inhabiting bacteria -The presence and persistence of P. putida depends on Acinetobacter ssp. because it uses some of its excretory products of Acinetobacter for some metabolites. -When both organisms are grown together, one changes genetically, and you get increased productivity in both. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” -Positive interactive effect accompanied by genetic change -Initially, discrete colonies of Acinetobacter were surrounded by loose assemblages of P. putida . After 5 days, the pattern changed: now at separate foci P. putida grew in intimate contact with Acinetobacter . 5 days later (10 days from start of experiement), a film of P. putida overgrew the Acinetobacter colonies -“New” P. putida responsible for the change; was phenotypically distinct from ancestral type -Black bars represent Acineobacter , light grey represents P. putida , white bars represents total biomass -Stabilized interactions have implications for the community structure, for symbiotic associations and for productivity -Two independent mutations associated with mantle-like growth by P. putida -The basis of ecosystems is on positive interactions between species. Components of Ecosystems Primary Producers- photosynthesis Primary Consumers- eat primary producers Secondary Consumers- eat primary consumers -Components of ecosystems involving trophic levels by number, biomass and energy illustrate that
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Lecture 41-Ecosystems - Lecture 41 Ecosystems Energy-The...

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