Lecture 45-Human Populations

Lecture 45-Human Populations - Lecture 45- Human...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 45- Human Populations Food Supply: Changing K-Humans are losing their connection to biological K; we have increased our dependence on fewer food sources beyond anyones imagination-Even with all the catastrophic events in human history (floods, natural disasters, wars, the holocaust, none have caused inflections in the graph-The only event to have a significant effect on the world-wide population is the Black Death The Black Death-Caused by bacteria, spread by rats, flees-Came on boats with people-1351 AD: population of China reduced to 40-50% of its original levels-Hundreds of millions of people dead from this disease-Europe lost 33-50% of its total population Population Bomb Graphs-Women ages 15-49 do most of the child bearing; therefore, in terms of a countrys reproductive ability you need to know the number of women of reproductive age-This has an impact on m x and r Age Distributions-Today, more people are living longer than they used to; a reflection of medical technology...
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Lecture 45-Human Populations - Lecture 45- Human...

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