AHIS Midterm SG 2

AHIS Midterm SG 2 - 12.8 Western Pure Land mural Dunhuang...

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AHIS Midterm #2 Study Guide 9.6 Buddhist Triad. Red sandstone, Mathura region, india, h. 72 cm, Kushan Period c. 2 nd Century CE, Mathura Museum Standard in kushan and post kushan art, either meditating or preaching Sits on a lion throne, in the budhha position Hand is in abhaya mudra – fear not Two bodhissatvas flank the Buddha on either side Is a stele, only viewed from one side Traditional halo symbolizing the sun Traditional tuft of hair, or urna is seen between eyebrows The lotus is outlined on the souls of the feet Earlobes are lengthened from the wearing of princely jewelry The lions are symbolic of the buddha’s royalty Geometric treatment of the drapery Image looks un Indian compared with later sculptures, but has all the characteristic elements of Buddhist iconography in india
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Unformatted text preview: 12.8 Western Pure Land . mural, Dunhuang Cave 217, 8 th century, Tang dynasty, China Incorporates many different viewpoints Used multiple perspective because they thought it was the best way to display nature Function: conventional way to paint cave walls o Visual device when meditating There is a lot going on in this pic 3 distinctive areas of narrative Central Buddha figure in the Tang international style Under the tang the Chinese created a great world empire extending to the Caspian sea to the pacific Saw the rise of cosmopolitanism Tang Buddhist style comes from the gupta period, the six dynasties and the sui period and and central asia and the middle east...
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AHIS Midterm SG 2 - 12.8 Western Pure Land mural Dunhuang...

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