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Physics October-06-08 Friction Friction of a mass on a slope STEPS: 1) DRAW A FBD 2) APPLY N2: a. The minimum force to move the crate will also be the maximum force that will not move it. b. Solve the static case c. f= μN and a = 0 3) FcosØ = f = μN 4) FsinØ = mg – N
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Unformatted text preview: FcosØ – μN = ma Block on frictionless and Slab on block. Block Slab X F-f BS = ma B f SB = Ma s Y N BS = mg N ST = N SB + Mg Holding a block up by pushing on it as it is against a larger box. F = [(M+m)/ μ s M] x mg...
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