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Physics Sept-08-08

Physics Sept-08-08 - Instantaneous Acceleration a = lim?v?t...

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Sheet1 Page 1 1D Kinematics DOESN'T INCLUDE 2D MOTION, PROJECTILES, ROTATIONS. We treat objects as points. we assume every portion moves in the same direction at the same rate. Later when we do forces we'll assume thay such points have mass. displacement: ? x = x2 - x1 Always set an arbitrary zero as a reference. average velocity: Vavg = ?x/?t = x2 - x1/t2 - t1 Instantanious velocity: v = lim ?x/?t = dx/dt ?t?0 Average Acceleration: Aavg = ?v/?t = v2 - v1/t2 - t1
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Unformatted text preview: Instantaneous Acceleration: a = lim ?v/?t = dv/dt ?t?0 constant Acceleration. Acceleration doesn't have to be constant. If it is constant, a distance/ time graph will be linear and the slope will be 0 If it is constant increasing, the slope will be increasing or decreasing in a linear pattern. If it is accelerating then the slope will vary in the form of a parabala. BRING PENCIL NEXT CLASS!!!...
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