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Physics September-24-08 - string. A boy pulls the string....

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Physics September-24-08 F net = m a F net must be the vector sum of all forces acting on the body. Forces acting on other bodies in the situation are not relevant. Fnet yx = max The acceleration of a body is 0 when the net force is 0. System: the body (or bodies) on which forces act. Free Body Diagram (FBD): a sketch showing the forces acting on a system. Drawing a FBD is the most critical step in solving problems using Newton’s Laws Successful students draw the FBD first because: - it defines the quantities and directions - it saves time!!! External force : any force on a system imposed from outside the system. Internal force : forces between portions inside a system. - Examples: A hockey puck lying on a rink is connected to a
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Unformatted text preview: string. A boy pulls the string. What kind of force does the boy exert on the puck?-External (included in N2 ).-The puck is 0.01 C warmer on one side than the other, causing the molecules to move faster on the hot side. What type of force is exerted on the puck by the molecules?-Internal (so we dont include it in N2 ).-note that if F net = 0 , then a = 0 , and the object moves-with constant v ... Newtons First Law-Technically you should not draw W on a-FBD (since weight is not a vector).-Personally, I always draw a vector for-the force of gravity label W...
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