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Pysch Lectures

Pysch Lectures - Violence gaming Gaming violence Or maybe a...

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Pysch Lectures 1. Case Studies - single individuals, groups, events Pros : allow us to contradict theory New ways about thinking of same things Cons : can’t generalize 2. Naturalistic Observation -description in natural habitat 3. Survey Research Representative Sample (WILL BE ON EXAM) Cannot study entire population- need sample Must reflect important characteristics of population Use random sampling Video Games and Violence Observations and descriptive research reveals that: -children and adolescents spend a great deal of time playing video games -Many video games involve substantial violence Correlational Analysis Assess empirically the amount and direction of association between two or more variables In this case the relation between hours of video gaming and violence What would we measure? Correlations are mathematically described by a correlation coeffiecient They indicate two things about a relationship which are strength and direction. BI-DIRECTIONALITY MUST ALWAYS BE CONSIDERED!!!!! Meaning which variable leads to the other.
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Unformatted text preview: Violence ------ gaming Gaming-------- violence Or maybe a third variable 1. Genetic Predisposition 2. Peer Group Influence 3. ?? Limits of Correlation Can show an association but not a cause Correlation Does not mean causation KEY POINTS of correlations coefficient Indicates the strength of the relationship from -1.0 to +1.0 Indicates the direction of the relationship Positive vs Negative KEY POINTS ON correlation Beware of bi-directionality Beware of third variables Correlation does not equal causation The EXPERIEMENT Independent variable is always manipulated Dependent Variable is always measured Control Extraneous Variables Need an “operational definition” of aggression Abstract concept----- observable/measureable OPERATIONAL DEFINITIONS (HAS TO BE SOMETHING MEASURABLE)-Depression Chemical levels in the brain-Intelligence IQ test-Alcoholic Intoxication Blood alcohol level or walking in a straight line...
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Pysch Lectures - Violence gaming Gaming violence Or maybe a...

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