Biology notes 10 Sept 2008

Biology notes 10 Sept 2008 - c bacteria are dead, light...

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September 10, 2008 1 • Alexander Flemming discovered antibiotics by leaving a bacteria plate out Antibiotic: • organic compound that inhibits the growth of microbes • organic – has carbon • includes synthetics • before antibiotics people died from seemingly minor ailments • penicillin debuted at the start of WW2 • bacteria are prokaryotes • reproduce (divide) very fast – faster than every 20 minutes Antibiotics – Mode of Action • penicillin, vancomycin disrupt cell wall formation • streptomycin, tetracycline disrupt protein synthesis • cipro disrupts DNA replication • some bacteria become insensitive to antibiotics • growth no longer inhibited • resistance is aquired • huge public health problem • plate shows how we test for antibiotic resistance – dark grey is dead zone b/
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Unformatted text preview: c bacteria are dead, light gray is bacteria, black is antibiotic. Large dark grey zone = powerful antibiotic Antibiotic resistance can occur from spontaneous mutations that have nothing to do with the actual antibiotic (rare). More commonly it occurs from genes transferred from already resistant cells. Bacteria have circular chromosomes.- Transposon copies and sends gene to plasmid, which then transfers gene to another cell.- Resistance develops quickly due to growth, variation, and selections. - prescribing antibiotics for viral infections, incomplete antibiotic therapy, and preventative antibiotics used in farming all contribute to antibiotic resistance...
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Biology notes 10 Sept 2008 - c bacteria are dead, light...

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