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Biology notes 15 Oct 2008

Biology notes 15 Oct 2008 - • haplotype is a collection...

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October 15, 2008 Lecture 11 – The Case of Mary Jane 52 year old woman suffers renal failure phone call – not the mother of two of her three children people get mitochondria from only their mother kids were A and O, just like predicted kids have 2 HLAs (while neither MJ nor her husband have them( Karyotype looks at chromosomes homologous chromosomes – same size, shape, and banding patterns, but inherited from different parents to make a karyotype, chromosomes are photographed when they are most condensed this is in metaphase, due to the fact that they condense during prophase Blood types everyone has a blood type gene, of which there are 3 versions/ alleles Gene vs. Allele vs. Locus two different alleles of the blood type gene, one on each (replicated) homologous chromosome #9 the position of this gene on the chromosome is a locus
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Unformatted text preview: • haplotype is a collection of several alleles all taken together Inheritance of Difference: Meiosis And the denouement… • she’s a chimera!!!!!!!!!!!!! • single celled zygotes did NOT fuse together; mass of cells mixed up together • she’s karyotypically normal • chimera – an organism composed of cells from two different zygotes • tetragametic chimeras – a separate fusion of sperm and egg that then mix together • while her blood cells are all 1,3 other tissues (including ovaries) also have some 2,4 cells • kids will not be chimeras So what? • chimerism may be widespread • fetal and maternal cells cross the placenta; we may all have some maternal cell lines • in vitro fertilizatio increases incidence of twinning (and chimerism?) • humanzee?...
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