Biology notes 17 Sept 2008

Biology notes 17 Sept 2008 - September 17 ,20081 from last...

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September 17 ,2008 1 from last time: apoprotein there is clear evidence from fossils regarding the origin of prokaryotes 3,800 mya oxygen began 2,700 mya eukaryotes – 2,200 mya multicellular eukaryotes 1,400 mya animals – 600 mya humans – 150 000 years ago stromatolites are formed by the interactions b/w sediments and cyanobacteria life developed surprisingly fast panspermia – seeds of life came from outer space how can life survive in such an extreme environment? bacteria are very resilient; life can seemingly exist under very extreme conditions extremeophiles – living things that can survive under extreme conditions deep sea vents – hot, nutrient rich Need 1. Abiotic synthesis – the ability to synthesize biotic molecules in the absence of biology 2. Heritable information – fundamentally important 3. Formation of cells – contains things away from the environment Geophysical stage – what was the composition of the Earth and atmosphere Chemical stage –how could the building blocks of life be synthesized Biological stage – how did the building blocks organize into living cells (poorly understood, whereas the other two are understood quite well)
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Biology notes 17 Sept 2008 - September 17 ,20081 from last...

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