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Andrea Cooper COR 101 Outside Activity #3 - Athletic On September 22 nd , I attended a Cortland football game versus Buffalo State. It was a beautiful day besides a few rain showers. In the beginning, it looked as though Buffalo State would be too difficult for the Red Dragons to handle. After a few interceptions and fumble recoveries, the team held their own and won the game with a score of 30-27. It was hard to focus on the game because my friend and I knew nothing about football. We tried to have the rules explained to us by people around us but their voices were constantly lost in the screams and cheers of fans. They explained that the Red Dragons had sacked the quarterback in their end zone to recover a safety but still we didn’t understand the terminology of the game. Although we didn’t understand most of
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Unformatted text preview: what was going on, we still cheered and enjoyed the game as best as we could. The game was my main focus but I still don’t think I could explain anything if someone asked me. The half-time performance was enjoyable to watch. As I watched the kickline performance, it seemed as if they had practiced their routine for hours. Although I thought the cheerleaders hardly did anything exciting or worth watching, a few of my friends here are on the team. Two of them are flyers, which makes it exciting to watch them get thrown up into the air and then get caught by their teammates. After the game, I was happy that my first college football game included a victory and I was able to learn a few things about the sport while I watched....
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