Lecture 002 Summary

Lecture 002 Summary - Lecture 002 – Egg Whites& Afros...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 002 – Egg Whites & Afros • Information for creation of proteins is encoded for in DNA. This information is then transcripted to RNA, where it is translated to form a protein. DNA and RNA are both replicating, and RNA can be used to make DNA. • mRNA will decay and breakdown (post-transcriptional decay) • A gene is a piece of DNA that encodes for a protein. Within the gene, it is the coding region that has the sequence for mRNA. The promoter region, also found on the gene, controls the expression of the gene. A transcription factor binds to this promoter region along with a repressor. Genes can either be constitutive (always there and busy), induced (caused by a factor), or repressed (switched off). • Northern Blot indicates transcript abundance, while Western Blot indicates protein abundance. • Proteins are polymers of amino acids. An amino acid consists of an amino group and a carbonyl group. The R group on the amino acid gives the protein its structure and function. The joining group....
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