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A Place Where I Belong It is very easy for people to feel lost in cyberspace. For many, cyberspace and its many communities are difficult to understand and find their way around. Both Amy Bruckman, author of “Finding One’s Own in Cyberspace,” and Esther Dyson, author of “Cyberspace: If You Don’t Love it, Leave It,” discuss the differences between people in cyberspace and how a person can find a place where they belong. The articles discuss how a person may have difficulty finding where they belong when they first find their way onto the internet. Both Dyson and Bruckman explain how it is important to find a community that is based on your own personal interests. It is important not to feel lost or stuck in a community. Dyson states that, “Cyberspace allows communities of any size and kind to flourish; in cyberspace, communities are chosen by the users, not forced on them by accidents of geography” (2007, p. 31). A user knows where they are going as opposed to being stuck in a place that they do not wish to be. Bruckman states that, “In an ideal world . . . people would enter an electronic
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