Lecture 009 - The First Revolution

Lecture 009 - The First Revolution - The First Revolution...

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The “First” Revolution – October 8 th , 2008 Calling For A Meeting of the Estates General An assembly that had gathered made up of the clergy, nobility, Third Estate. They met with monarchs to craft new laws, mostly around taxes. Monarchy was not keen on calling Estates General. Crown was bankrupt; Crown could no longer borrow money from banks as the banks believed the Crown could not repay them. The Estates General marked end of absolute monarchism. Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution Massive peasant rebellion in Russia, Pugachev Revolt England facing rebellions in America and Ireland Habsburg monarchy wished to break serfdom and power of the aristocracy, modernizing army, seizing lands of religious associations, however, Hungary tried to break away, and Belgium breaks away from Habsburgs. Sweden’s Gustavus III is killed for his reforms. The Pre-Revolution (1788-1789) Opposition and discussion had come from the elites. The electoral process of electing delegates for the Estates General informed the population of the
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