Lecture 010 - The Constitutional Monarchy

Lecture 010 - The Constitutional Monarchy - The...

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The Constitutional Monarchy (1789-1791) – October 15 th , 2008 The Revolution Triumphant (August 1789 and following months) A popular revolution connects with the political revolution in July, disallowing the King from destroying the National Assembly. In early July, there was an early constitutional revolution. By end of July, King had to now share power with the elected Assembly of 1200 delegates. This was secured through the agency of the people. Politics is no longer just at the level of the elite; people can now voice their opinions and push for reform. By July 1789, the King, the court, and the elite realized they had lost control of the situation Enthusiasm, fear, and loss of control caused in August 1789 the Assembly to undertake what it planned to do. The Assembly moved quickly to remove several facets of the Old Regime. The abolishment of privileges went through to ensure all people were equal.
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