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Lecture 011 - The Terror and Thermidor

Lecture 011 - The Terror and Thermidor - The Terror and...

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The Terror and Thermidor (1793-1794) – October 20 th , 2008 Rising Tensions (1791-1792) Louis XVI has become a constitutional monarch, could only hold up new laws for so long, and could not fundamentally oppose the will of the legislative. France had also gained a new independent judiciary. France by 1791 was seen as being generally successful, as well; the neighbours were surprised with France’s situation. Revolution was not planned; however, it was fully rooted in the previous two decades. Before 1789, the Revolution is mostly a political struggle amongst the elites of the country. By 1789, the popular enthusiasm for the Revolution, the puzzlement towards the elites, people were beginning to fear that things were going a bit too far (the quick dismantling of the Old Regime). The Civil Constitution of the Clergy (1790) was an attempt to modernize the French church. It was intended to bring the Church to the Age of Enlightenment, and to take away the political power of the Church. As well, the wealth of the Church was utilized. The disbanding of monastic
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