Lecture 012 - The Terror (1793-1794)

Lecture 012 - The Terror (1793-1794) - The Terror...

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The Terror (1793-1794) – October 22 nd , 2008 War and Terror (1792 to July 1794) “Convention” elected in 1792, seen as very radical. This “Convention” brought an end to the monarchy in France, and on September 21 st , the First French Republic was proclaimed. In January 1793, King Louis XVI was executed by this Convention. This was done to make the act of reform irreversible and permanent. Marie Antoinette was executed a couple months later. These executions marked the end of the monarchy. France was by then under external attack from countries all over; France saw its first military success at Valmy. This was to be the first of many French military successes in the future. The Terror was the name give to the government of that time. The Terror was seen as the way to win the war. The Terror brought forth the idea of conscription. The regime of the Terror was good at focusing all economic resources to the war effort. Terror was also successful in instilling nationalism within France. Terror also sought to suppress the counter-revolutionary power emerging in France. The counter-
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