Lecture 015 - Challenge to Restoration - Liberalism

Lecture 015 - Challenge to Restoration - Liberalism -...

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Challenge to Restoration: Liberalism Liberalism: The Ideology and its Roots The early decades of the 19 th century saw a rejection of the ideals of the Revolution and the Enlightenment. Romanticism dominates Europe in the mid-nineteenth century, was in many ways in opposition to the spirit of the Revolution. Changes made to European map created by Napoleon here to stay. 19 th century is the century of “isms”. Change had come throughout Europe, however much they were not welcomed. Liberalism was the first challenge to the idea of restoration of order. Liberalism is centred on the idea of freedom, such as the ability of an individual to do whatever they wish, and follow their free will. Individuals were at the forefront over the conditions of the state. A number of thinkers in the 18 th century believed that the enrichment of the individual would enrich the society. This idea was postulated most formidably by Adam Smith in his “Wealth of Nations”. Left to themselves, the market would reach an equilibrium point. Whatever individuals do in the
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