Hitler and Nazism to 1933 Notes

Hitler and Nazism to 1933 Notes - Hitler and Nazism to 1933...

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Hitler and Nazism to 1933 - S.S. worked hand in hand with the Gestapo after the fall of the S.A (the attack division of the Nazi Party, a larger army than the regular German army) - The nationalist part that comes out of the Nazi party involved union of all ethnic Germans, namely the annexation of Austria with Germany, the destruction of the Treaty of Versailles for equality of Germany to other European states. This also involved the exclusion of those not “ethnic Germans” within the country, explicitly the Jews. - The socialist part of the Nazi party included the division of profits from big business, and the communalization of department stores, benefitting small family shops. After 1933, socialism in the Nazi party meant people at the bottom (namely Hitler), to rise to the top. - Reasons that the Nazi party grew: 1.) Many Germans wrongly blamed the republican government formed in November 1918 for the loss of the war (the stab in the back lie) and the harsh terms of the Versailles treaty, and Hitler attacked both mercilessly. The people that were blamed were
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