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Italian Unification Search Results

Italian Unification Search Results - Provider WebFeat Inc...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Provider: WebFeat, Inc. Record 1 Title: NATIONALISM AND THE UNIFICATION OF ITALY. Author: Beavington, Ed. Journal: Modern History Review Publication Date: 20040101 Pages: 21(4) Subject: Unification ISSN: 09560726 Volume: 15 Issue: 3 Abstract: Publication Type : Periodical Language : English AN : H001685375.01 Italian national consciousness emerged during, and partly as a result of, the Napoleonic occupation, 1796-1814, but ideological nationalism had little impact on the Italian people before the 1848 revolutions and had only minimal appeal thereafter. Moreover, it was rejected by the dominant Catholic Church and was much less important in Italian unification and state formation, 1860-61, than Great Power - particularly French - support for these outcomes. Record 2 Title: NATIONALISME ET NATION DANS L'HISTOIRE ALLEMANDE. Author: Wehler, Hans-Ulrich Journal: Historiens et Geographes Publication Date: 19990101 Pages: 109(10) Subject: Nationalism ISSN: 0046757X Volume: 90 Issue: 366 Abstract: Publication Type : Academic Journal Language : English AN : H001596505.01 In the first half of the 19th century, nationalism was an
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