Text Analysis - Richard Meinertzhagen

Text Analysis - Richard Meinertzhagen - in which...

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Text Analysis: Richard Meinertzhagen, An Embattled Colonial Officer in East Africa Andrew Lai January 30 th , 2009 HISTORY 1401E The article highlighted for this text analysis expresses the opinions and recollections of a British soldier stationed in Africa. As a soldier in Kenya, Richard Meinertzhagen was given the duty of acting as the vanguard for the vast British Empire. Very much a follower of the trends of Westerners in the 19 th century, Richard Meinertzhagen espoused certain beliefs concerning the relationship between Europeans and their African colonials that would today be clearly seen as blatantly racist and bigoted. A few of his anecdotes from his times in Kenya are shared in this article, many of which indicate the general British attitude towards the culture and people of the natives. Throughout the article, there are constant references to the maiming off “niggers” and “savages”, the burning of whole villages, and the underlying inferiority of the colonials. The way
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Unformatted text preview: in which Meinertzhagen describes the locals denotes a general impression that Meinertzhagen did not think highly of those of non-European stock, and in many ways resembles the way one may refer about animals. Excerpts from An Embattled Colonial Officer in East Africa indicate very well the general mentality of most Europeans in this era of the 19 th century. Many Europeans of this time genuinely believed in the superiority of the Europeans over all races and believed it was their god given duty to civilize, Christianize, and change those races they believed to be under them (White Man’s Burden). Meinertzhagen’s views were very much in line with those of Europe, and while disturbing to believe such nonsense could have been truly believed, it is critical to understand the viewpoints of imperialists, as the actions and consequences of European imperialism played a crucial role in the dictation of history around the world....
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Text Analysis - Richard Meinertzhagen - in which...

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