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The Soviet Union, 1920-1939 - 1921-1922 there was a huge famine, roughly half of the food producing areas of Russia were empty. Some five million people died. Collectivization – between 1929 and 1937, peasants forced to relinquish privately owned land and join collective farms that paid a high percentage of their harvests to the state as a tax. Peasants resist, and the result is a massive famine, especially in the Ukraine. 5-7 millions peasants die of hunger and disease. Kulaks, the wealthy peasants treated as enemies, and made to be serfs. Industrialization – from 1928-1932, pig iron production increases from 3.3 million to 10 million tons per year, coal from 35.4 million to 75 million tons. The Purges – between 1924 to 1926, Stalin wins a struggle for power within the Communist Party with Leon Trotsky. From 1929, Stalin attacks other rivals within the Party. From 1935 and 1939 Stalin kills most of the elite of the Communist Party and the Red Army, to prevent possible criticism of his
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Unformatted text preview: performance, especially with regard to collectivization. Trotsky was better known, however Stalin was able to have to power to appoint people to the Central Committee, and was able to get control of the party. Purges were done to preserve Stalin’s image and to get rid of anyone who may question him. Reasons why Stalin could remain in power despite disastrous economic policies and purges that killed most leading communists and half the officer corps of the Red Army:-Peasants lacked effective weapons, were disunited-Regime able to control access to information, at home and abroad-Stalin created a group of loyal supporters who owed their entire careers to him, and were prepared to obey virtually any order-Effectiveness of fear created by the secret police (NKVD)-Destruction of all independent institutions in the society, such as the press, religious groups, and political groups....
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