2007-09-06 - 2007­09­06 • • ‘This is your brain on...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007­09­06 • • ‘This is your brain on music” o The Science of a Human Obsession – Daniel J. Levitin – McGill Duon Juan Demarco – 1995 o ‘If sanity and insanity exits, how shall we know them?’ o Is ‘abnormal’ distinct from ‘normal’ or ‘sane’ from ‘insane’? o Rosenham 1973 (Tested above question) • 8 pseudo patients in 12 hospital Each said they ‘heard voices’ Avg stay was 19 days (7­52) False +ves and false –ves After revealed, 45% let in afterwards were judged to be ‘pseudos’ Context was a more important determinant of the clinical judgement / diagnosis than the actual behaviour of the individual No signs, only symptoms o Mental illness is a complex phenomenon o Psychiatric labels have an impact & they stick Psychology is a science About Dr. Moran • BSc McGill, MA and PhD Dalhousie • At Western since 1977 • Currently working on human attachment o Impact of our earliest interaction and relationships on who we become o Maternal and childhood experience o Maternal state of mind o Early mother­infant interaction o Attachment relationship o Internal working model of attachment o Future relationships Top 10 Study Tips • 10. Don’t Get Stressed out • 9. Ask for help if you need it • • • • • • • • 8. Psych involves a lot of biology 7. Don’t be intimidated by class size 6. Take SDC Workshops 5. Enrol in Section 004 4. Read text and make notes before class 3. Don’t miss class 2. Use the study guide 1. keep up with the readings ...
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2007-09-06 - 2007­09­06 • • ‘This is your brain on...

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