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Unformatted text preview: 2007­09­13 What is Psychology? • The Science of behaviour and the factors that influence it o Understanding the factors requires diverse perspectives The more the better (allows for more exploration) • Behaviour o Observable actions, etc • Mind o Not directly observable • Factors: o Environmental o Psychological o Cultural o Physical o Biologically inherited • • • Observations Form a question Answer It o Hypothesis: If… then statements, a guide to look for a better answer o Theories: a set of formal statements, explaining how and why certain events are related Additional information may cause a revision Good theories cause new ones and don’t last o Measurement o Scientific Method Latane and Darky: Bystander Apathy • The idea of diffusion of responsibility o (goodness – the book from grade 12) o Assumption that someone else will do something o Social reference o Unexpected results ...
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