2007-09-20 - 2007-09-20Statistics and PsychologyMake...

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Unformatted text preview: 2007-09-20Statistics and PsychologyMake Observations, Gather Data (Ex. Self-report questionnaire)Reduce the data Central Tendency / average (most common median)Process of Statistical Interpretation numerical associationsoHow to interpret numerical associations and differences?Measures of variabilityDealing with chanceMaking estimatesDescriptive and Inferential StatisticsPsychological research most often involves data sets composed of multiple assessments that are of little use as is,oEx. What is the relation of anxiety to test performance?Descriptive Statistics oUse descriptive statistics to provide digestible and meaningful summary of observationsoUse numerical and graphical methods to look for patterns in a data set to:Summarize the informationPresent the information in a convenient formHow to describe:1. the entire sample2. central tendency (mean, median, and mode)oMode most frequently occurring value in a...
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2007-09-20 - 2007-09-20Statistics and PsychologyMake...

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